I am proud and happy to have my novel published with  Evernight Publishing. When I first joined Evernight, I promised to read every Evernight Teen novel.  Evernight has been rapidly growing and even though I'm a fast reader, I've fallen behind.

However, it is good to have goals, and what a wonderful time I've had trying to reach them.

There are so many incredible writers at Evernight Teen. Here are just a few:

In Who Saw the Deep, Ms. Klocek-Lim has combined the best of sci-fi with a large dose of dystopian. The unlikely romance of Amelia and Noah kept me wondering. The descriptions of alien technology both terrified and fascinated me, as the lines between good and evil, human and alien, blurred.

This novel is so amazing and complicated. I risk giving too much away, so I'll just say, if you love sci-fi and dystopian stories, this is one of the best. A must read.


K.D. Van Brunt's first novel, Win the Rings, had me hooked from the beginning. Children with special powers are found, taken away from their families, and forced to become part of an army that searches and finds others with special powers.

When an army raised girl is assigned to find a free raised boy, an exciting chase begins. A forbidden attraction develops that threatens to destroy both of their lives.

An incredible story. I can't wait to read the next book.

Sasha Hibbs has written three wonderful fantasy novels.

Black Amaranth, the first, is an epic fantasy with classical characters, the battle between good and evil, and close teenage friends coming of age.

Black Abadddon takes us deeper into the lives of her characters. The minor characters evolve in wonderful and surprising ways. Ally and Michael's relationship is threatened by dark forces that seduce and confuse Ally and the reader.
The incredible plot twists kept me turning pages in search of the truth.

Book Three, Black Atonement, is the story of Brandi, the Seraph of Love, who is totally unloved. Unliked even. We follow her quest for redemption, and this journey is incredible and heart wrenching.

I look forward to four where I hope to learn the fate of Ally, Michael, and the world.


Bridie Hall's first novel Letting Go and her second novel My Summer Roommate were amazing. Her gift of internal monologue is incredible.

In Letting Go, Isabelle, the main character finds herself attracted to two brothers. One who is not what he seems.

In My Summer Roommate, we get a glimpse of Isabelle and her final choice, but the story is about Chloe and Chris who end up sharing an apartment the summer before they both head to college. It is so fun to see and hear their thoughts as they learn about each other, fight the attraction they are feeling, and then deal with a misunderstanding that threatens to tear them apart.

Both are terrific reads. Although they can be read in order, they are stand alone novels. 




Again, Happy Birthday Evernight Teen!