I am beyond grateful to these beautiful people. They are the writers who listen to my pages read out-loud and critique my every word. They are the members of my writing group, Writers in the Rain

My friends and talented all.

Fabio Bueno has two novels out and one about to launch. In Wicked Sense, and Broken Spell, Fabio has created a world of good and evil witches, where forbidden love struggles to survive, and the destiny of the most powerful young witch is in the hands of a mortal. 

Fabio has an amazing gift for teen dialog that makes you laugh as often as cry. 

Martina Dalton wrote, The Third Eye of Jenny Crumb and has a second novel to be released in October. Martina's main character is Jenny, a teenage girl who lives in Seattle. Jenny navigates the normal ups and downs of life as a teen while helping the police with her incredible psychic gifts.

Martina's descriptions of Seattle and her knowledge of the psychic community makes this novel a page turner.

A. O. Pert is our prolific writer. Her first novels, The Forged Series are about shape shifters who live in Seattle. This trilogy is an epic story, where the fate of the world is determined by the love of two teen shifters. 

She recently published her New Adult novels, The Almost Bad Boys Series. These are sexually explicit, lighthearted, romance novels.

Eileen Ricco wrote a lovely novel, Choosing Sunshine. Sage, the main character, is a normal teen who's life turns upside down. While coping with loss, Sage learns the meaning of friendship, love, and how the differences between she and her mother are not a great as she thinks.  It is very a moving and inspiring story. 

Suma Subramaniam is a poet and author of an incredible novel about child trafficking in the aftermath of the  tsunami in India as seen through the eyes of a young girl.

Suma's agent is as excited about her novel as we are. It will be published soon.